With 2.75" (Cf38) Flanges

The McAllister Technical Services' (MTS) Bellows Sealed Linear Translator (BLT) is the finest of its kind available anywhere. We recognize and appreciate the confidence our customers have placed in our company and we work hard to earn it.


Despite its modest price, the BLT026 will provide years of trouble-free service, especially if simple maintenance is performed.

Due to the three jacking-screw pattern (see drawing), the BLT026 provides the maximum rigidity of any translator on the market and is capable of holding axial loads in excess of 150 pounds with no deflection problems. Even on motorized versions, manual actuation via the provided ratchet wrench is available. A total of six locking screws (three for each flange) hold the 2¾" (CF38) flanges within the t5riangular brackets. The advantage of this design is that the screws can be loosened, even while the translator is installed, and the actuator portion of the translator can be repositioned radially around the flange. This feature allows re-positioning of the BLT mechanism to clear other things like ion guns and other equipment.


As delivered, the lead screws are coated with high temperature grease. This coating will degrade over time, due to moisture in the atmosphere. After bakeout, lightly relubricate the screws with the (provided) grease. Be especially careful to not use a hydrocarbon grease such as Felpro C100TM unless you periodically clean the oxidized residue from all load-bearing surfaces. The normal bakeout temperature is 150°C, but higher temperatures can be used if needed. For bakeout between 150°C and 210°C, increase the frequency and thoroughness of lubrication.

The flanges may need to be re-aligned to parallel after removing or replacing the chain.

Should it become necessary to adjust the alignment of the two flanges:

Model BLT026 Translator

Model  Stroke Clear I.D. OAL Compressed  Price*
BLT026-2 2" (50) 1.50" (38) 2.6" (66) $1800
BLT026-3 3" (75) 1.50" (38) 2.75" (70) $2050
BLT026-4 4" (100) 1.50" (38) 2.90" (74) $2300
BLT026-6 6" (150) 1.50" (38) 3.2" (81) $2800
BLT026-8 8" (200) 1.50" (38) 3.5" (89) $3300

Dimensions are in inches (mm)    - and -     *Prices are in U.S. Dollars
Tapped flange (1/4-28 UNF or M6), add $15
Graduated Scale and mounting brackets, add $90
DC motor & limit switches, add $775
DC controller and pendant, add $1475
- Options -
2 Guide rods, add $310
3 Guide rods, add $475
View DC motor plus 3 guide rods
Stepper motor and limit switches, add $625
View with stepper motor plus 2 guide rods
Stepper motor controller, first axis, add $1500
Additional controller axes (may be combined), for each add $750