With 10" (CF 200) Flanges

The McAllister Technical Services' (MTS) Bellows Sealed Linear Translator (BLT) is the finest of its kind available anywhere. We recognize and appreciate the confidence our customers have placed in our company and we work hard to earn it.

BLT106 Translator

Despite its modest price, the BLT106 will provide years of trouble-free service, especially if the simple maintenance is performed.

 All BLT106s use double ball bearings on the jacking screws. The screws and bearings are lubricated with high temperature grease for low friction and long life. All parts are field replaceable. The traveling flange is supported by three jacking screws and aligned by three guide rods (see drawing). All translators are also available with long strokes, motor drives, linear encoders, tapped flanges and special heights.


The BLT106 needs only minimal maintenance. The linear bearings are bronze, and the guide rods need only be kept lightly lubricated and free from dirt, dust and debris. The jacking screws and bearings do, however, need periodic lubrication. As delivered, the jacking screws are coated with high temperature lubricant. This coating will degrade over time, due to bake-outs and moisture in the atmosphere. After each bakeout, lightly re-lubricate the screws with the provided high temperature grease or another equivalent. Be especially careful to not use a hydrocarbon grease such as Felpro C100TM unless you periodically clean the oxidized residue from all load-bearing surfaces. The normal bakeout temperature is 150°C, but higher temperatures can be used if needed. For bakeouts between 150°C and 210°C, increase the frequency and thoroughness of lubrication. Be sure to remove the motor and limit switches, if used, prior to bakeout.

Correct chain tension on the 6-ear model translators such as this is very important. The chain may stretch with use. This is normal. When assembled, the maximum lateral play in the chain should be no more than 1/2 chain width (+/-1/4" each way). Should it become necessary to adjust the tension on the chain, detailed instructions are provided in the User's manual. Also, the flanges may need to be re-aligned to parallel after removing or replacing the chain. Should it become necessary to adjust the alignment of the two flanges, this is also detailed in the manual.

Model BLT106
10" Flange (CF200) Translator

Model  Stroke Clear I.D. OAL 
BLT106-2 2" (50) 7.87" (200) 3.6" (91) $9,795
BLT106-3 3" (75) 7.87" (200) 3.76" (96) $10,295
BLT106-4 4" (101) 7.87" (200)) 3.93" (100) $10,795
BLT106-6 6" (151) 7.87" (200) 4.26" (108) $11,795
BLT106-8 8" (203) 7.87" (200) 4.59" (117) $12,795
BLT106-10 10" (250) 7.87" (200) 4.92" (125) $13,795
BLT106-12 12" (300) 7.87" (200) 5.25" (133) $14,795

Dimensions are in inches (mm) - *Prices are in U.S. Dollars
Both flanges have clearance holes, standard
For tapped flange (5/16-24 or M8), add $85
Stepper motor drive and limit switches, add $1600
Stepper motor controller, first axis, add $1500*
*Additional axes (may be combined - consult factory), add $750.
DC motor and limit switches, add $1600
DC controller and pendant switch, add $1475