Differentially-pumped doors

These doors feature differentially-pumped seals for true-UHV (10-10 to 10-11 torr) operation. Unlike regular Quick Access doors, which are not truly UHV compatible, these allow easy access directly to the UHV environment. A variety of fitting sizes and styles, including mini-CF, VCR and KF / ISO flanges, on the pump-out line are available with any door. All models are bakeable to 150C. Although shown with a solid door in the photo, integral windows and tapped CF flanges are also available. Please consult the factory for pricing on special features and for delivery.

DP Quick Door

DP Quick Door Price List

    Model                  CF OD  Clear ID      Thickness          Overall          Price*
DPQD6 6.0" (150) 3.75" (95) 1.69" (43) 8.8" (233) $1555
DPQD8 8" (200) 5.75" (146) 1.76" (45) 11.27 (286) $1875
DPQD10 10" (250) 7.75" (197) 1.91" (48.5) 12.77 (324) $2455
Dimensions are in inches (mm) - *Prices are in U.S. Dollars
Other sizes and features available
Other fittings available - contact the factory