The "McMulti"

Multi-port adaptors are useful for adding power, thermocouple, liquid nitrogen and other feedthroughs to existing (usually larger) flanges.


These adaptors also can be devised to provide outboard support for things like rotary and / or linear motion feedthroughs so the motion can be delivered where it is actually needed. Click on the links below to for drawings and dimensions of the basic units.

The Outboard Support Tube option is (usually) 1.25" OD with pumpout holes, slots for wires and LN2 lines and a removable adaptor with ball bearing (usually 0.375" ID). See the drawing for a general idea but other sizes are available. Simply contact the factory with your requirements for a written quote.

Many different configurations are available, including different size flanges, different numbers of flanges and radial spacing of the smaller flanges. The most common size uses 2.75" CFs on the top and bottom with 4 or more mini CFs around the body. Unless specified otherwise, the larger top flange and the minis have threaded holes and the bottom flange has clearance holes. Zero-length adaptor flanges can be used to mate the McMulti to larger (manipulator) flanges.



Just let us know what you need.


McMulti Price List

Model Flange Size OAL Height Clear ID Price
 McMulti2-4-90   2.75" (CF38) 4.01" (102) 1.5" (38) $850
McMulti2-4-135 2.75" (CF38) 4.01" (102) 1.5" (38) $850
McMulti2-5-72 2.75" (CF38) 4.01" (102) 1.5" (38) $1100
McMulti2-6-60 2.75" (CF38) 4.01" (102) 1.5" (38) $1395
McMulti3-4-90 3.38" (CF50) 4.75" (121) 1.87" (47.5) $1375
Support Tube
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Dimensions are in inches (mm)
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Prices are in U.S. Dollars