With mini (CF16) Flanges

The Mini-Lin UHV linear translator uses a thimble drive for either 1/2" (12.5 mm) or 1" (25 mm) motion. With a 5/8" (16 mm) clear ID it has the same capacity as any other mini CF flange. This is intended for simple, short motions like adjusting the crucible position on our e-Beam evaporator or where other, bulkier translators will not fit. Both mini flanges are supplied tapped, either 8-32 or M4. Simply specify at time of order.

Bakeable to 1500C.


Mini-Lin Price List

Model   Stroke   Compressed   Clear ID     Price
Mini-Lin-0.5 0.5" (12.5) 2.01" (51)

0.62" (16)

Mini-Lin-1.0 1.0" (25) 2.5" (63) 0.62" (16) $1250