Port Aligner

For use with 2.75" (CF38)
& 4.5" (CF63) Flanges


Sometimes a port on the vacuum chamber just doesn't quite point where it should. The MTS Port Aligner solves this with two UHV flanges connected by a short section of welded bellows and a sturdy clamping mechanism. The bellows allows the flanges to tilt ±1° relative to each other yet hold rock solid when clamped.

This makes for easy alignment of devices like magnetic introduction and sample transfer rods, which have a tendency to "droop" or sag when extended long distances.

An arc of 2° subtends a chordal distance of more than 1" (25mm) at 30" (762mm), providing lots of adjustment range to make things line up. See the drawing for dimensions. The PA-series of aligners are bakeable to 150oC.


Port Aligners Price List

Model Flange
OD Clear
PA275 2.75"
4.25" (108) 1.5" (38) 1.75" (44) $850
PA450 4.5"
5.75" (146) 2.87" (73) 2.63" (67) $1150