Vibration Isolator



Vibration isolation

This 4" (100 mm) ID vibration damper was used to connect roughing pumps to an extremely high-resolution Scanning Tunneling Microscope system. A CAD rendition of the setup is shown below.




CAD model of the 3He–4He mixture recovery pumping line.

Vibration Dampner

Three gimbal systems decouple the recovery pumping line at each vibration isolation stage from the SPM system. In between the gimbal systems [1], the pumping line is rigidly anchored to the building [(2), grey], the first vibration isolation stage [(3), green], the second stage [(4), red] and the third stage [(5), blue]. At (6) the line passes through (and anchors to) the wall of the inner shielded room, and at (7) it passes through (and anchors to) the outer shielded room.


Custom options

Available with 6" (CF100) conflat flanges or ISO100 flanges. Please contact the factory for more information and pricing.