Flexible and Easy to Use

This compact electron-beam evaporator is a UHV-compatible source for the controlled deposition of metals, some semiconductors and insulators. Due to its small size and 2¾" (CF38) flange mounting, it fits almost any existing UHV chamber. It is easy to use and maintain, includes water cooling, an integral shutter, all electrical and mechanical feedthroughs

E-Beam System

Crucible or Solid Rod

Evaporation is stimulated by electron bombardment of either a refractory crucible (various materials available) which contains the evaporant or a solid rod/wire with up to 1000 VDC @ 125 mA (125 watts). The material to be evaporated is centered in an easily-replaceable filament which has an infinitely-adjustable power of 0-12 Volts at 0-12 Amps.

The user can replenish evaporated material without dismounting the entire source. A linear drive which moves the evaporant relative to the filament provides a focus adjustment for the electron beam, is included. There are filament current and beam current / voltage displays via dual meters on the front panel of the control unit. See the supplied User's manual for more information.

Flux Monitor

A small electrode in the flux of evaporated material collects ions present in the partially ionized environment. After initial calibration, this feature allows quick and easy return to known deposition rates.

Compact Size

The whole assembly mounts on a standard 2¾" CF flange and will clear the ID of a 1½" tube. Water I/O connections, power, thermocouple and the bellows-sealed shutter are conveniently located. The filament block can be easily removed for replacing / changing evaporative materials. Since custom fabrication usually costs no more than standard products at McAllister Technical Services, the flange-to-tip distance can be specified at time of order.

Ebeam details