Specifications and details

EVAP-style Evaporator

There are two distinctly different evaporators which are of similar appearance. Both include a water-cooled jacket and integral bellows-sealed shutter which allows the source to be closed, opened to a small (user-selectable) aperture, or opened wide. The mounting flange is 2.75" (CF38).


EVAP-A, is a filament-style metal evaporator with a type C thermocouple attached directly to the filament for extra-sensitive temperature control. Temperature is only limited by the filament material and size. The filament assembly is easily removed for service or replacing the evaporant.


EVAP-B, is a crucible-style metal evaporator. It features the same water jacket and shutter as above but includes an alumina crucible non-inductively wound with a Ta heater filament and enclosed by a protective alumina housing. Typical temperatures are up to 950C. The crucible is 5mm diameter by ~8mm long. As above, the crucible assembly is easily removed.


The EVAP-series guns are available in custom lengths at no extra charge. The Controller outputs 0-12 V @ 10A, includes a programmable temperature controller, all in a 19" rack mount.

EVAP Price List

EVAP-A EVAP-B Power Supply
$2,975 $3,495 $2,695
See the Library for user's manuals.