IR-2000 System

This vacuum system bakeout unit was developed to replace or eliminate cumbersome ovens and heater tapes used in high vacuum system bakeouts

IR2000 System

The heaters are small, high power quartz lamps that operate on the inside of the vacuum system. These heaters utilize 100% of the radiant heat emitted by the lamps and thus are able to reach bakeout temperatures in a much shorter period of time than ovens or tapes. The internal heat sources reduce the bakeout time required to reach base pressure. The heater elements are securely mounted on standard conflat flanges. Care should be exercised not to touch, damage or coat the lamp because the high heating efficiency could be reduced.

The IR-2000 system INTERNAL HEATER employs 2 separately mounted quartz lamps, each on a separate flange, designed for use inside a vacuum chamber to outgas the system. WARNING: When in operation for a long period of time, enough heat is generated inside the vacuum chamber that the chamber can cause painful burns when touched. Care must be exercised to prevent anyone touching the chamber and causing a burn and/or discomfort.


The IR-2000 INTERNAL HEATER is shipped ready for immediate use. However, the lamp itself is demounted and separately packaged to prevent damage in shipment.

  1. Carefully unwrap the quartz bulb. Do not touch the glass portion of the bulb when installing it in the holder, as a fingerprint on the glass portion may cause early bulb failure or diminished heating, not to mention unwanted out gassing
  2. Deflect the upper bulb holder to insert the bulb and prevent the ceramic ends of the quartz bulb from chipping
  3. Install the bulb and holder in a 2-3/4" OD (CF38) flange on the system. Be careful that it clears and does not interfere with any equipment inside the vacuum system.
  4. Install the control unit in a rack panel, or place it in an unobstructed location
  5. Place the two power leads on the feedthroughs for the heater unit
  6. The IR-2000 INTERNAL HEATER unit is now ready to operate. The IR-2000 requires ~12 amperes when both bulbs are in use.
  7. With the vacuum pumping system in operation, turn the "Time" knob to the desired time for heating the system. The exact time will have to be determined for each system and depends on the out gassing required for system operation. The timer may be set for 1-12 hours depending on the system bakeout requirements. For periods of less than 2 hours, turn the timer past 2 and then back to the desired time.
  8. First turn the power knob well past the intensity desired and then adjust the power for heating. Full power will decrease the time required to outgas the vacuum system. As the system warms up and out gasses, the base pressure of the system will increase.
  9. After the timer shuts off, continue pumping for a period of time as the system cools down. After cooling, the vacuum system is ready for use.
  10. Additional heating cycles may be needed to completely outgas the vacuum system and to reach the base pressure required, especially the first time a system is used. The quartz lamp is rated for 180 hours of service. McAllister Technical Services cannot guarantee the lifetime of the bulbs, as rough handling or severe system operating conditions may reduce the lamp service life.
  11. Consult the supplied User's manual for more information.

Time Temperature @
6" from bulb
Temperature @
12" from bulb
3 minutes 263°C 222°C
6 minutes 273oC 236oC
9 minutes 283"C 242"C


IR-2000 Prices

Complete System Additional
Flange Assy.
Spare Bulb


$695 $65

Prices shown for 110 VAC 50-60 Hz
220-240 VAC 50-60 Hz prices slightly higher