The Beshara School provides an education in self-knowledge, according to the principle of the unity of all existence.

This unity is beyond simple interconnectedness and interdependence. Here all things are seen as different aspects of one reality, and self-knowledge is key to understanding this unity and our place within it.

This education is available in an ever growing number of locations worldwide.

It is the natural expression of a demand for a unified and compassionate perspective on life. The ultimate aim of this education is the realization of love as the prime motive in all existence.

It is open to anyone, regardless of faith, nationality, background, age, culture or physical ability.

Chisholme House
Chisholme House
Gate Keeper's Cottage
The Gatekeeper's Cottage
Beech tree with lichens
A lichen covered tree
along the front drive
Front drive
The front drive
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Front lawn
The front lawn
Lottie's cottage
Lottie's cottage
Ha ha
The Ha ha
Old trees
Old tree
Monument to Man
Monument to Man
Tree row
Tree row at top of hill
The greenhouse from inside
Kitchen garden
The kitchen garden. Greenhouse
is on left
Greenhouse interior
The greenhouse from outside
Garden post
Garden gate post
Garden fence
Garden fence
Pasture gate
Pasture gate
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Sycamore by pasture
Sycamore base
Sycamore (detail)
Stone wall
Stone wall
Borthwick valley
Across the valley
The Lake
Down the v alley
Old lane
Water wheel
Saw mill water wheel
Mill house
Saw mill wheel house

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