H(orizontal) Linear Translation

This translator is specially designed to provide smooth, reliable motion while fully supporting both ends of devices like the EQP Plasma Analyzer with its differential turbo pump and electrostatic sector portion. The support legs are adjustable from 80-120 cm height (custom heights and legs are available) and include a bracket to allow rigid attachment to the floor. The linear bearings are adjusted to remove any play. The traveling flange and the carrier accommodate a standard 4.5" (CF63) or larger flanges. The crank can be replaced with a wide variety of D.C. servo or stepper motors for automatic operation. The flange that interfaces with the customer's chamber can be specified at time of order. An optional gate valve isolates the EQP from the process environment. Strokes are available from 4" to over 60" (10-150 cm).

HLT Translator

This style translator is ideal for long, cantilevered devices. The load capacity is well in excess of 150 lbs. (70 kg). The weight of the device is supported evenly over the entire range of translation. The lstationary (or "fixed") flange can be fitted with in-vacuum support guides for long sample probes. HLT translators can be configured for any flange size and range. The roll-around version (pictured) is also available in a more economical, fixed-position configuration.

Under normal conditions your HLT translator will provide years of trouble-free service, especially if the following simple maintenance is performed. As delivered, the lead screws are only lightly lubricated. Remove any motor before bakeout. Lightly coat the threads with the silicone grease provided. A little goes a long way. This coating may degrade over time, due to moisture in the atmosphere, but will last for al few bake-outs. Relubricate as required but only with the grease provided. Be especially careful not to use a hydrocarbon grease such as Felpro C100TM unless the oxidized residue from all load-bearing surfaces is cleaned periodically. The normal bakeout temperature is 150°C.

We appreciate the confidence you place in our company by your purchase. In addition to our broad line of standard scientific products, we at McAllister Technical Services know that the customer needs choices and options to fulfill the ever-changing demands of the scientific community. We are committed to providing those options. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.

HLT Price List

Model Stroke Clear ID Compressed
HLT4-12 12 (300) 2.87" (73) 4.7" (119) $6,700
HLT4-24 24 (600) 2.87" (73) 6.5" (165) $11,500
HLT6-12 12 (300) 4" (100) 4.9" (125) $7,275
HLT6-24 24 (600) 4" (100) 8.5" (215) $12,700
Dimensions are in inches (mm) - and - *Prices are in U.S. Dollars
Other sizes available - Please inquire
DC Motor and limit switches, add $825
DC controller and pendant, add $1475
Stepper motor & limit switches, add $625
Stepper motor controller, first axis, add $1500*
*Additional axes (may be combined - consult factory), add $750.