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Frequently a probe or other device mounted on a chamber flange will not precisely reach a specified point inside the chamber. This can be due to the mass on the end bending the device and/or inaccuracies of chamber port alignments.

To overcome this problem we have the McTilt series of port aligners which can be mounted between the device and the chamber port.

The McTilt is the finest 2-axis tilt stage available. From the self-lubricating pivot bearings to the rugged construction, everything speaks of quality. The McTilt 200 with 2¾" conflat flanges (pictured) has the shortest overall height (3.2" (81 mm) of any similar gimbal on the market. The clear inside diameter (ID) on all gimbals are maximized to clear your gizmo and tilt it farther. Motorized and extra heavy-duty versions, in virtually any size, are also available.

There are five standard sizes of McTilt and other, custom sizes are also available. Standard flange sizes range from 2¾" (CF38) to 10" (CF200). All versions are fully bakeable to 210°C.

The McTilts with 4½", 6", 8" and 10" conflats use welded bellows. This further minimizes the overall height and gives maximum clear ID, but does not increase the cost. In fact, the McTilts with welded bellows often cost less than ones with formed bellows from other manufacturers. All the McTilts have a total range of 20° (±10°) in both axes.

Extra Heavy Duty

The robust McTilt design concept lends itself well to scaling for larger sizes. These pictured gimbals, below, both use 14" (CF300) flanges, are stepper motorized and the upper one includes Z-axis (vertical) travel of 30" ((762 mm) travel in 120 seconds while lifting a 600 pound (270 Kg) load.

Big Tilt


Both McTilts also include encoders with 0.005° resolution for angular precision from a remote location. Other models have also included XY translation, all stepper motorized and with encoders, too. Give us a call to discuss special needs.


McTilt Price List

Model Dimensions Clear I.D. OAL Price*
McTilt 200 Drawing 1.50" (38) 3.2" (81) $ 775
McTilt 338 Drawing 2.0" (51) 4.0" (100) $1,675
McTilt 450 Drawing 2.89" (73) 4.1" (102) $1,775
McTilt 600 Drawing 4.0" (100) 4.0" (100) $3,555
McTilt 800 Drawing 5.87" (147) 4.75" (120) Consult factory
McTilt 1000 Drawing 7.80" (199) 5.5" (140) Consult factory
McTilt 1400 Custom, as needed Consult factory
Dimensions are in inches (mm) - *Prices are in U.S. Dollars
Consult factory for models not shown