With 6.0" (CF100) Flanges


The MC-series of XY translators combine extremely high rigidity, a large working bore and affordable cost.

They are available in both ± 1.0 (± 25 mm) and ± 0.5" (± 12.5 mm) travel, circular pattern, with both manual and stepper motorized versions. In fact, conversion from micrometers to stepper motors can be done in 15 minutes at the user's site.

The entire MC-series ranges in size from the very large MC3000, through the MC2000 shown here, to the smaller MC1500 and, finally, the compact MC1000. They have features not found on translators available elsewhere. These include ±2° tilt adjustment on the top flange, and the ability to mount the X-axis micrometer (or motor) on either side, which are standard


One distinct advantage of the MC2000 is the cost savings when long Z Axis strokes are required. Since only the bellows in the XY portion needs to be larger than the probe, the user can extend the Z Axis stroke using a smaller diameter (less costly) bellows that just clears the probe running through it. Simply select the model below that best suits your needs.

The MC2000-series manipulator is also available with virtual-axis adjustment to allow eucentric sample tilt / rotation, even if the sample is 12-40" (300-1000 mm) away from the actual manipulator. Contact the factory with your specifications and for a detailed discussion.

For horizontal mounting, i.e., with the flange faces vertical, dual constant force counterbalance springs are available that compensate for gravitational loads. If required, this feature can be added in the field, after the user accurately determines the weight of the devices to be mounted.

To make your selection, add the total travel required in either the X or Y axis to the maximum diameter of the device that will pass through the MC2000. This sum determines the minimum bellows inside diameter (ID).

Next, select the bottom flange that best mates to your chamber or other equipment. While the most common size is 6" OD (CF100), either tapped or non-tapped flange sizes of 4½" (CF63), 8" (CF150) and larger are available. Consult the factory for more information.

Now you are ready to select a Z axis translator that best mates to the device to be manipulated, to complete your XYZ sample manipulator.


MC2000 Price List

MC2000 drawing               User's Manual
 Model   X-Y Travel   Clear ID   Height*   Price   Ship Wt. 
   (see below) 
  MC2000-1.3   ± 0.5" (12.5) 2.87" (73) 4.75" (117)* $5650 36 (16)
MC2000-1.4 ± 0.5" (12.5) 4.0" (100) 6.0" (150)* $6500 37 (16.8)
MC2000-2.3 ±1.0" (25) 2.87" (73) 5.75" (146) $6775 38 (17)
MC2000-2.4 ±1.0" (25) 4.0" (100) 7.12" (180)* $7575 39 (17.7)
Dimensions are in inches (mm)
Flanges are not threaded, unless specified otherwise
*Add $55 and reduce height by 0.5" (12.7) for each tapped flange

For ±1" (±25 mm) models, add $800 per pair for large micrometers
For ±0.5" (±12.5 mm) models, add $500 per pair for large micrometers
- Horizontal Mounting Kit, add $415
Stepper motors, add $495 per axis
Stepper Motor Controller (first axis), add $1500
Additional Axes (may be combined - consult factory), add $750